Complete Mobile Spa Access

Real Time Monitoring and Maintenance

A whole new level of convenience

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Remotely monitor and control your hot tub from anywhere in the world using the Arctic Spas® mobile app, and OnSpa®!

OnSpa® technology allows for two-way communication between you and your spa, giving you complete remote control of your jets, temperature, and pump speed. This internet connective technology is perfect for remotely raising the temperature of your spa on cold days, or turning on your hot tub’s jets to greet yourself with an invigorating massage upon entering your spa.

You can also enjoy the complete peace of mind that comes with accessing all of your spa’s output data. Should you notice an issue with your hot tub, OnSpa® will be the first to alert you, allowing you to make adjustments. Explore real-time data such as energy efficiency, spa performance, and pump speed, all with just one touch.

Our Ongoing Commitment to Advancement

OnSpa® utilizes advanced data collection technology, sending hot tub output information to the Arctic Spas® Research and Development teams. This data is used to make ongoing improvements in energy efficiency, performance, and reliability, allowing us to consistently provide the best spa experience for you.

Additionally, this data collection allows our service technicians to perform technological maintenance on your spa, immediately. While constantly monitoring your hot tub, our team is searching for inconsistencies in data, prompting them to adjust spa levels for perfect maintenance. OnSpa’s online connectivity offers an entirely new level of customer service, ensuring that your hot tub is always in perfect working condition.

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EcoPak’s Perfect Partner

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OnSpa® functions with the help of EcoPak, Arctic Spas’ innovative motherboard control system. Simply pair your EcoPak with your home internet connection, and enjoy all the control and monitoring capabilities of OnSpa®.

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